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Hello, I am a Lycamobile user currently. But I want to change to Vodafone. when I asked for the portability to lycamobile , they told me that it will cost 15 euro. Can I do portability free? I am a prepaid user. Thank you. Please reply. Hi Ola, it is actually not unusual that you have to do the number porting yourself. However, the communication from 1und1 was just bad and dishonest. They should have given you the correct information about the procedure from the beginning.

But very often, these agents/salespeople just want to close contracts and tell you everything you want to hear… Best, Ben For prepaid users it is a bit easier, you just need to send a letter of request a few days before you are ordering your new plan. Your new service provider will then request the mobile number portability from your old carrier. Rates and offers are constantly changing. Switching to a provider that matches your needs better can save you a lot of money. However, you should read your contract carefully to make sure that you do not get charged a lot for changing your plan. Hi Richmond, you can select a Smartphone from congstar, for example an Apple device (iPhone or iPad): Or click here and select a smartphone from “Handy-Angebote”: Contract smartphones usually have a payment plan over 24 months I have requested for releasing the number from my present network provider. They have informed me that the number has been released and it will be available for the future network provider. They also told that I will be charged 29.95€ for this purpose. Now I found a best deal with the present network provider itself and requested them to extend my present contract. Now since I already requested them to release my number from them, they told me that I cannot retain again the same number. But I told them that since I extended the contract with them I need to have the same number.

Could you let me know how to let this happen as they already released the number open for future providers. ab 975€ /4 Wochen 162 congstar Prepaid Allnet M Preis: 9,75 €/4 Wochen zzgl. einmaligem Kartenpreis. Options- und Verbindungspreise beinhalten die aktuell geltende Mehrwertsteuer von 16%. Die Mehrwertsteuer erhöht sich voraussichtlich ab dem 01.01.2021 auf 19%. Die hier mit Mehrwertsteuer genannten Preise werden dann entsprechend angepasst. Der Optionspreis erhöht sich in diesem Fall auf 10 €/ 4 Wochen. Auf der SIM-Karte ist bei ausreichendem Guthaben das Paket congstar Prepaid Allnet M voreingestellt.